8mmx18mm Drive Cups 4140 Tool Steel for 8mm Shaft and 8mm Dog Bone


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8mmx18mm Drive Cups 4140 Tool Steel for 8mm Shaft and 8mm Dog Bone

Machined from robust 4140 tool steel, these drive cups offer a significant upgrade over their standard counterparts. Our drive cups are designed to minimize wobble and significantly reduce the risk of the cup working itself free. These 4140 tool steel drive cups represent a solid upgrade over any standard option.

Weight:  19.2 grams

Package Includes:

  • 2x Drive Cups
  • 4x Grub Screws


  • Outer Diameter: 13mm
  • Inner Diameter (dog bone): 8mm
  • Inner Diameter (shaft): 8mm
  • Length: 18mm
  • Grub Screw: M5x.1

Installation Tips:

  • Thoroughly degrease the parts.
  • Apply Loctite #262 or #271 to the set screws.
  • Use Loctite #262 or #271 on the cup/shaft joint.
  • Allow 24 hours for optimal bonding.
  • Incorporate O-rings in the drive cups to eliminate bone play.

Why Choose RamJam Racing?

  • Unbeatable Pricing – Delivering superior parts at unbeatable prices
  • Precision – Using state of the art manufacturing techniques allows us to hold precise tolerances
  • Manufacturer Defect Warranty  –  All parts include a manufacturer defect warranty
  • Full customer support – Send us a message!


Due to the nature of the RC hobby and the stresses and high loads pushed through these parts, there is NO WARRANTY for users error. 


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