Arrma Big Rock 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set


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Arrma Big Rock 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set

The Arrma Big Rock 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set from RamJam Racing includes two M4x18 screws machined from from Grade 5 titanium. These screws are engineered to resist stripping and offer an alternative removal method. Each screw features a 3mm internal hex head and a 7mm external hex head. In the event the internal hex head becomes stripped, the screw can still be easily removed with a 7mm wrench, which comes with all Arrma vehicles. This dual-head design reduces the risk of being unable to remove the screws, ensuring a reliable and convenient solution

Weight: 3.6 grams

Package includes:

  • 2x Titanium Motor Mount Screws (M4x18)

Why buy from RamJam Racing?

  • Unbeatable Pricing – Delivering superior parts at unbeatable prices
  • Precision – Using state of the art manufacturing techniques allows us to hold precise tolerances
  • Manufacturer Defect Warranty  –  All parts include a manufacturer defect warranty
  • Full customer support – Send us a message!


Due to the nature of the RC hobby and the stresses and high loads pushed through these parts, there is NO WARRANTY for users error.

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