Arrma Limitless v1 Titanium Long Spool Set


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Arrma Limitless v1 Titanium Long Spool Set

Broken and bent dog bones are a thing of the past with this stout setup! The RamJam Racing titanium long spool set reduces vibrations through the drivetrain and eliminates bent dog bones. With a 7mm front dog bone and 85mm center spool, this kit is a drop-in replacement. No modifications required. The reduction of rotational weight in the drivetrain minimizes wear on other driveline components. Less weight in the driveline equals more power to the ground. This spool set has been installed in some of the fastest cars in the world.

Weight: 93.2 grams

The Felony requires matching differential ratios. The spool set will not work with the stock Felony differential ratios. 


For use with many aftermarket spur gears! Includes spacer combinations for the stock Arrma spur, Saga RC spurs, and many other spur options!

The Arrma Limitless v1 Titanium Long Spool Set includes:

  • Titanium Long center spool
  • 5x – Precision machined titanium spacers8mm x 9mm
    • 8mm x 2mm
    • 8mm x 8mm
    • 8mm x 4.5mm
    • 8mm x 40mm
  • 4x O-ring’s and 5x .2mm shims
  • 2x ABEC 7 Hybrid Ceramic bearings (greased, run bearings dry for high speed applications)
  • 2x Dog bones
  • 2x 4140 Tool steel drive cups

Installation Tips:

  • Degrease the parts thoroughly
  • Use Loctite #262 or #271 on the set screws
  • Use Loctite #262 or #271 on the cup / shaft joint
  • Wait 24 hours for proper bonding
  • Use O-rings in the drive cups to remove bone play

Why buy from RamJam Racing?

  • Unbeatable Pricing – Delivering superior parts at unbeatable prices
  • Precision – Using state of the art manufacturing techniques allows us to hold precise tolerances
  • Manufacturer Defect Warranty  –  All parts include a manufacturer defect warranty
  • Full customer support – Send us a message!


Due to the nature of the RC hobby and the stresses and high loads pushed through these parts, there is NO WARRANTY for users error. 


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