Arrma Kraton 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set


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Arrma Kraton 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set

The Arrma Kraton 6s Titanium Motor Mount Screw Set from RamJam Racing includes two M4x18 screws crafted from Grade 5 titanium. These screws are engineered to resist stripping, offering an alternative removal method using a 7mm wrench. Each screw features a 3mm internal hex head and a 7mm external hex head. In the event the internal hex head becomes stripped, the screw can still be easily removed with a 7mm wrench, which comes with all Arrma vehicles. This dual-head design reduces the risk of being unable to remove the screws, ensuring a reliable and convenient solution

Package includes: 2x Titanium Motor Mount Screws (M4x18)

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  • Unbeatable Pricing: We aim to offer above-average parts for below-average prices.
  • Precision: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure precise tolerances.
  • Manufacturer Defect Warranty: All parts include a warranty for manufacturer defects.
  • Full Customer Support: Send us a message; we’re here to assist you.

Please note that RamJam Racing provides a warranty for manufacturer defects only. We are not liable for damage or unforeseen consequences resulting from RC car operation or modifications. Please use and modify your RC car responsibly.

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